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Yardley Labs is dedicated to breeding extraordinary Labrador Retrievers suited to the highest levels of field competition while retaining the qualities that make


The English Lab Vs American Lab Breed Differences. Fox Red Labrador Retriever beside a more


Labrador Retriever Breeders New England East Coast Area, Formerly Colorado, English Bred Puppies for Quality, Type, Temperament


**The American Field style Labrador is the taller, more athletic style of Labrador.** "Tweener" Labadors. This is our very own word for what we get when we purposefully blend the two styles above ~ our goal is to get the best of both worlds. The calmer temperament of the show lines, the drive of the...


American Labradors or field-type Labradors are bred for better working ability. This indicates the lack of willingness on the part of American Lab breeders to


English Lab is a fascinating guide to the English Labrador Retriever, brought to you by Labrador expert and author of The Labrador Handbook, Pippa Mattinson.


Full English vs Full American. A "breeder" who tells you there is no difference between an English and American Labrador, is one of two things, new


Field bred Labs- (also known as American) have longer legs and lighter body. Their coats aren't as thick and tails are longer and thinner. Heads are not as broad, with a longer muzzle and bigger ears. They have high energy, also known as lots of "drive". They are bred for hunting and field trials.


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