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Advanced ESL students need to be drawn into the material in a way that is completely different than with beginners. They have begun to grasp the


Teaching advanced ESL can be challenging, especially when it comes to speaking. These 5 advanced speaking activities mix fun, structure and plenty of


Even advanced ESL students love playing games. Who could disagree that games are the best? Teaching English needs to be fun.


These esl activities help students use what they’re learning. Some work as ice-breakers, quick breaks; or review; others help students practice


Keep reading for my top 10 ESL activities for all levels of students. #1: Agony Aunt: Problem + Advice ESL Activity.


Browse ESL Expat's collection of ESL activities for advanced students that English teachers can use in the classroom.


Advanced ESL Speaking Activities are needed! After hundreds of hours of language instruction, and the real possibility that your Advanced Students are


I think the best ESL activities for advanced students are related to what the teacher is passionate (and students too) about. Of course, you can introduce the students to something new and hope that they like it as much as you do. In my experience, most students in Korea don’t really listen to...


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