Shrunken Head Jivaro, Ecuador The British Museum ..... Mokomokai (tattooed faces of the maoris) Headhunting Head At The American Museum of Natural.

1934 A tsantsa from the Jivaro tribe in Ecuador. ..... Photo Documentation: The Dayak Head Hunter from Kalimantan In Search of the headhunting tribes of Bo.

Thracians were also such endemic headhunters as were those tribal and traditional ...... that practised this type of initiatory rituals: except for the Jivaro tribe of Amazonia ...... Head Hunters of the Amazon: Seven Years of Exploration and.

Up de Graff F. W. Head hunters of the Amazon. N. Y., 1923; Barton R.F. The half- way ... Stanford, 1980; Harner M. J. The Jívaro. People of the sacred waterfalls.

Philippe Descola, Janet Lloyd (Translator)-The Spears of Twilight_ Life and Death in the Amazon Jungle-New Press (1996).pdf. 11.4 МБ. Дескола Филипп. По ...

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Jivaroan peoples refers to groups of indigenous peoples in the headwaters of the Marañon River and its tributaries, in northern Peru and eastern Ecuador. They speak one of the language family of the same name. The Jivaro people are famous for their head-hunting raids and shrinking the heads.

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Head-shrinking rituals amongst the Jivaro indians. Tales are told of the results of the practice of shrinking heads, which are not without a certain

Book Overview. Amazon Death Magic The Jivaro Indians of the Peru-Ecuador interior have long been renowned for their ferocity and cruelty in warfare; they are also shamanistic, communing with ancient spectres through the ingestion of poisonous hallucinogens. But above all, the Jivaro are known for...

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