(mee-NYAH zah-VOOT ___); Nice to meet you. ... Russian nouns have a paucal form, used with 2, 3, and 4, as well as singular and plural. Singular quantities ...


1 Nice to meet you! ... 2) before singular, plural or uncountable nouns when we say exactly which person or ... The people who live next door are really nice.


They have different subject and object forms (except you, it and one which have ... you. singular or plural. second. he. him. singular. masculine. third. she. her.


Take these words with you. Download ... Ya lyublyu tebya. I love you. Поздравляю! Pozdravlyayu! Congratulations! ... Nice to meet you ... You (formal or plural).


Remember: English pronoun "You" translates into Russian in two ways: Вы ("Vy") as a polite form and «Ты» ("Ty") - familiar. .... Nice to meet you .... You (plural).


Need translate "nice to meet you" to Russian? Here's how you say it.


5.18.1 Prepositional case plural adjectives and nouns; 5.18.2 Prepositional case personal pronouns; 5.18.3 Prepositional .... O. Nice to meet you. óчень прия́тно ...


19 фев 2017 ... It is very nice to meet you. - It is mutual. ... I met him and his wife at the exhibition. ... знако́мый [zna-kó-myi] Adjective , plural - знако́мые. known ...


Complete the activities correctly and, who knows, maybe one day you could work as his assistant. ... If the noun is plural, we put the apostrophe after it:.


'Nice / 'pleased to meet you. INFORM. AL. A: Hi, I am Jack. ||. B: Hi, I am Sasha. HOW ARE YOU? neutral = inquiry about one's health informal = how are things?


Translation of "nice to meet you" in Spanish.


Plural Nouns in Spanish | SpanishDict.


Nice to meet you - Plural both formal and casual: Gusto en conocerlos. Nice to meet you - Flowery to impress a lady: Un placer (Literally "It's a


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Nice to meet you (both formal and informal). Help us make this site better.


Basic Spanish Conversation. At work, at a The expression 'nice to meet you' is translated in different ways depending on the situation and the level of formality. Formal Greetings in Spanish: Words & Phrases What is the plural of polis?.


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Neyess too meet yoo is the way in which 'Nice to meet you' is said. The adjective 'nice' sounds like the English noun 'eye' .


Hmm, it seems that you are learning Latin American Spanish. In Castellan Spanish, that would be 'Encantado' for male and 'Encantada' for female. So, about the Latin American Spanish, both of these answers are correct, and they are used equally often.


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