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Speaking activity for English class in which students decide which sentences are true or false about their classmates. Good icebreaker for all ESL levels.


These activities let your adult ESL students chat like carefree children, without worrying about mistakes. Speaking is key for ESL class!


Having some fun classroom activities can make students active after the lunch hour.


5 High School English Activities You’ll Want to Try ASAP.


ESL students learn more from each other. They can practice speaking English confidently. Try these pairwork activities for ESL speaking time!


This speaking activity gets students to think in English and use their memory, simultaneously. It is a simple way of recycling texts...


Activity Type: Group. Other common classroom speaking activities that I do in my English class. So much for creativity, I believe we don’t always have


This collection of fun games and role-play activities for English language teachers should arouse some enthusiasm after a vocabulary drill or new


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