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Where do you find downloaded files on an iPhone 5S? How can I view my iPhone's localstorage folders? Where is the download folder on the iPhone


I recently installed the new software updates on my iPhone 3 and noticed that I no longer have the "App Store" app icon so I can search for new and download and or purchase new apps. I have searched all over this web site for FAQ's about it and can't find anything. Someone please help.


I had to restore my jailbreaked iphone4s , now i have no settings icon. My apps are all quarter screen located at the top left of my screen, how do i fix that without my settings icon?


My notes icon is no longer on my phone but it is listed under mail and cloud. I would prefer to get my notes back versus starting over.


Where Did My Icon Go - Find Where Did My Icon Go. | viral.site.


Where’s My App?


I just noticed that my camera I icon is missing. This is not a phone with an administrator. How do I restore it?


In Mail on iPhone 4, with software update 4.2.1, it seems my Trash icon has been replaced with "Move to Folder". Is there someway to get the Trash icon back...


When you accidentally swipe left or right on an email in your Gmail inbox it goes to one of two places: Archives or Trash. You can locate the moved email by tapping the 3 lines in the upper left hand corner, then tap either All mail to see archived mail or tap Trash to see deleted mail.


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