Поиск Google ничего не нашел

Just what are the most difficult languages to learn? While a lot of it depends on your native language


Why it’s hard: Most languages spoken in Europe come from the Indo-European language family shown in the tree above. But not Hungarian.


The Three Most Difficult Languages for English Speakers to Learn.


There are many difficult languages to learn which cannot be learned quickly as the English language. Here we have pointed out 10 most


Aiming to learn French or Spanish comes with its own set of difficulties, but most of the learning is


Many people ask the question what is the most difficult language to learn? In that regard, many languages


The most obvious impediment to learning Greek is the alphabet. The grammar can also be a little


Indo-European languages are for me more difficult. It helped I learned Swedish at very young age, and was also exposed to English in my childhooh (my paternal grandparents had lives in US during the inter-war years. But English as an isolating (analytic) language (Finnish is agglutinative)...


Maybe you should consider these 17 most difficult languages in the world to learn. We dare you to look


Some people can learn languages naturally and easily without much effort, while others find it very difficult, so natural aptitude


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