... organization which raises awareness about testicular cancer. Mr big stuff: Senhor Testiculo is the recently launched mascot of a Brazilian non-. Подробнее ..


They're Doin' A Big Awareness Campaign For Testicular Cancer In Brazil… just ... Balls, Brazil's Disturbing New Testicular Cancer Mascot. I dread to see the ...


prostate cancer cartoon: стоковые изображения в HD и миллионы других стоковых фотографий, ... Prostate cancer awareness ribbon with moustaches.


Testicular Cancer Foundation provides education and support to young adult males to raise awareness about testicular cancer the most commonly diagnosed cancer among males ages 15-34.


Testicular cancer, as well as many other cancers, seems to be on the rise. This is a fun way to bring it uhm, out in the open. I wonder if we'll see other body parts parading around in an effort to accomplish such awareness. Shaped like a scrotum, and with um, quite the bit of hair, the “friendly” Mr. Balls has...


A Brazilian Cancer awareness group has enlisted the help of a scrotum-shaped mascot to educate adults and children about testicular cancer. Mr. Balls, aka Senhor Testiculo, is the spokesperson for the Association of Personal Assistance for Cancer, a non-profit organisation keen to drive the medical...


BRAZIL — In order to raise awareness about testicular cancer, a Brazilian non profit organization has created a mascot named “Senhor Testiculo,” which


To raise awareness of testicular cancer, a Brazilian cancer non-profit has created a memorable mascot: a giant pair of testicles dubbed "Mr. Balls" or.


In Brazil, a new mascot named Senhor Testiculo or "Mr. Balls" was created in order to raise awareness for testicular cancer. However, a man named Patrick...


testicular cancer - In a bid to raise testicular cancer awareness the folks at ‘Field Fisher Waterhouse’ have put together an educating Infographic, aptly ...


Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to the fight against testicular cancer through awareness, support and survivorship.


Mascot for an NGO on testicular cancer awareness.


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