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Since I,ve updated iPhone I,ve lost the number that would pop up next to email icon on my iPhone that lets me know how many new emails I have.


Fixing the Red Dot on Phone Voicemail Icon for iPhone. Head to the “Settings” app on your iPhone and go to the “Phone” section.


A small iCloud icon appeared on my iPhone home screen. Why does iOS show a white cloud next to app names on my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? If there's a cloud symbol next to an iOS app name, this app has been offloaded to increase storage space on your device.


What do you mean icon?


All you need to do is to find the phone application and hold the icon for few seconds.


Icon settings generally found at the home screen of your mobile since it can be usually seen there try to browse of your icons on the home s ... read more.


This is not a phone with an administrator. How do I restore it?


When the iPhone's icons are enlarged or magnified, it's almost always because someone turned on the iPhone's Zoom feature.


Where Is My iPhone App? Use the App Store App to Find It.


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