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Name Ideas for Yellow Lab Pups. Yellow Labrador Retrievers come in shades from cream to buff to rich gold. Many people like to use the coat color for naming inspiration, and there are a variety of ways to do that. Perhaps one of the names in the following lists will be perfect for your new puppy.


We offer many Lab puppy names along with over 20,000 other puppy names. You can browse, search, and save your Lab puppy names until you find that perfect one.


Here are some trendy male yellow lab names popular at the moment, based on American Kennel Club’s list and current pop culture trends.


Update: Adpoted a male yellow lab and need to come up with a name.


Yellow Lab. not necessarly, my puppies i have came from a yellow and a yellow and 1 is a yellow the other is a black lab, and 1 is a chocolate lab .


Cute Male Labrador Names. With their sweet faces, exuberant energy and abundance of affection, Labradors are so doggone cute.


Looking for Yellow Lab names? Search no more as below is a list of some of the best names available for this adorable breed.


Boy puppy names should also be relatively short and shouldn’t sound like another pet or family member’s name. This could make signaling your pup


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